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Directive: People's Initiative for Societal Enlightenment.

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I was born on February 10th 1932, in Volzhskiy, Volgogradskaya Oblast', Russia under the name Karl Ilich Ulyanov; I adopted the name Stalin in 1941. My family were educated, liberal and middle class, and my father was a teacher who had risen to be inspector of schools, a government bureaucrat and member of the lower end of the hereditary nobility. My heritage on my father's side was partly Mongol, and on my mother's partly Jewish. I demonstrated a gift for classical languages and a hunger for learning as a child, and in my youth I was happy and comfortable. I lived amongst five other siblings, four of which reached adulthood; all eventually joined revolutionary movements. I received my Ph.D.from University of Bonn in 1963 and today I live in Volgograd, Russia. I currently belong to the International Workingmen's Congress for Civil Re-education Directive and since 1998 have directed the People's Initiative for Societal Enlightenment. Your American politics are interesting to watch as your leaders so openly and blatantly steer the once great and feared Eagle of the west into socialism. I find it interesting that so many of your citizens agree with your Obama. There is a saying: "All good things must end".

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